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You Shouldn’t Even Think About Buying a Research Paper


The night before the assignment submission is always stressful. Especially, if you have not started with your project, you look for alternatives and may resort to buying a research paper online. Please think twice before taking this step as it comes with all its pros and cons. Here is everything you need to know before purchasing a pre-written article.


Writing an article from scratch is time-consuming. Even trained writers from require hours for creating a professional A-grade article. If a website promises to submit your work in less than two hours, you might want to reconsider placing your order there. The chances of plagiarism are exceptionally high. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work and submit it as your own. It is not only unprofessional but also an academic crime. Reputable educational institutions have software to detect copying.

Your articles may impregnate with plagiarism, and it is only a matter of time before the authorities run your work through the software and reveal the piracy. You become exposed in no time, and this may be a blow to your reputation. Your academic career also comes at stake, compromising your overall performance. As an academic crime, plagiarism has different punishments in different places. All educational institutions must devise a code of honour to counter this academic crime. This will keep you safe from the scam companies out there, and it will be easier to entrust your work to authentic services.

Non-Reliable Services

The difference between a good and bad writing service is reliability. A reputable writing agency provides reliable articles free from grammatical errors. If you buy a research paper from a scam service, you will encounter various errors in your document. The format of bad online writing service is not up to the mark. Their documentation is as fake as their claim of transparency in writings. When you proofread the write-up, you will come across low-quality essays that can ruin your academic grades.

Vague online writing services may advertise their company like any other authentic service with useful articles but do not become victims of their false promises. Articles by such scam services lack genuineness and are prone to all sorts of errors. They may further give incomplete information which makes your article look mediocre. Make sure you do ample research before trusting an online agency with your work. You pay hefty amounts and do not want that money to go to waste.

Poor Reputation

Every now and then the news of a bad writing agency may circulate in your college. Pay heed to such rumours and check firsthand if it is true. A substandard writing company may spend sums on advertising their service to look like any other professional agency, but as soon as you get hold of their work, you can see the difference in quality. Having said that, a good writing service has the experience and a reputation. Unlike a poor online agency, these services know the effect of a positive reputation on clients' inflow. Such authentic agencies like will try their utmost to maintain their name in the market and make client satisfaction their priority.

This differs from a vague company that is only there to earn. It does not focus on client satisfaction and as a result, ends up losing reputation and clients simultaneously. List out all the services with a bad reputation. You never know when you might need help for your urgent submissions. You are in haste and may involuntarily end up ordering work in a company with a low reputation. With a list, you know what services to avoid, and you will not have to risk your crucial assignment.

Un-Professional behaviour

One of the most prominent features of bad writing service is unprofessionalism. If a company is not professional in its work, it is only a matter of time before losing its popularity. If an agency guarantees educated writers, you will never find them adopting unethical behaviour towards you. For example, if you find the customer service misbehaving, consider it a red flag and avoid the specific agency in the future. Some substandard writing services claim to have professional and trained writers just like any other good online writing agency. You can see the difference in their craft, and their draft is also not up to the mark.

Please stay away from such services as it wastes time and money and your academic grades. Wouldn’t it be better to hire an expert from an authentic service to cater to your college term papers? Such unprincipled agencies also fail at meeting deadlines. You may miss your submissions, and acceptance of late submissions is a mere gamble with your marks. Research and ask your friends about reliable writing services to have a second opinion. Read reviews and comments about various agencies and even go through their sample papers to satisfy yourself before entrusting someone with your work.

Costly and not worth it

Is paying huge sums only to get plagiarized work worth it? These substandard companies neither have trained writers nor the morals to meet deadlines. Plus they charge extra money on revisions. It is just another money-making scheme that enables such agencies to pocket a few extra bucks over every poorly written assignment. There are high chances that these services induce errors voluntarily so that you have to extra money. As a student, you already have financial strains.

In addition to paying college tuition fees and catering to the living expenditures, not every student has that kind of cash to throw away on their research paper’s revisions. A reputable writing service seeks client satisfaction. They provide free revisions as they understand that payment for writing a paper covers revision fee as well. Opt for such authentic and reliable services with a client-centred approach.

These professional services further provide discounts on special occasions like Christmas and New Year to gain popularity among college students. Before ordering your assignment to an infamous writing service, ask yourself ‘do you want to risk hundreds of bucks on non-reliable writing service?’


  1. Finding a genuine online writing service is not a piece of cake, and many students sacrifice their assignments in the hunt. Having said that it is not impossible, and with a little research and consistency, you can get access to your favourite authentic online writing agency. Remember, stay miles away from the scammers that you can spot at the first sight after you have gone through this guide.

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